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L.S.U. Medical School October 3,4,5

Details and schedule to follow

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Our Most Complete Seminar Ever!

Among MIS Topics to be Discussed:

1. Hammertoes

2. 1st MP joint deformities including

a.  Multiple Hallux Valgus Procedures Involving 1st Metatarsal Osteotomies ( Our popular “Battle of the Bunions” Fixation vs. Non-fixation

b. Hallux Varus Correction

c. SERI vs. Minimally Invasive Austin Akin

d.Sesamoid Position when Evaluating HAV Procedure

e. Hallux Rigidus Procedures

f. Cheilectomy

3. Metatarsal Procedures including (Osteotomies, Tailor’s Bunions, and Haspel Procedure for Correction of MPJ pre-dislocation Syndrome.

4. Hallux Malleus

5. Forefoot and Mid-Tarsal Spurs

6. Plantar Fascial Release

7. Heel Spurs

8. Posterior Heel spurs (New Procedure Being Performed at Duke Without Detachment of the Achilles Tendon)

9. Neuromas

10.Sesamoid Procedures

11.Tarsal Tunnel Release

12.Charcot correction and the role of soft tissue balancing in the correction of foot deformities and treatment of diabetic ulcers Dr. Laborde

13.Gastroc Recession and MIS Achilles Tendon Lengthening - Dr. Laborde

14. Post-operative Complications: Infection vs. Bone Paste Reaction

15.Bandaging Clinic

And much much more including individual mentoring, consulting, and how to market and set up an MIS practice by the finest and most experienced MIS surgeons in the world.

Watch for Future Seminars in New and Exciting Locations!




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