Faculty and Instructors


Full Professors 

Dr Stephen Isham, DPM, MD  


Dr isham is the originator  of a significant number of original MIS foot and Ankle surgery.  He published his landmark bunion procedure called the Reverdin0Isham Bunionectomy in 1986.  He is the most influential MIS surgeon world-wide and is responsible for introducing and teaching MIS foot and ankle  procedures to the European and South American foot surgeons. website:  http://cdafootankle.com


Dr Don Peacock, DPM, MS 





Dr Peacock is the current president of the AAFAS and has published articles on MIS foot and ankle surgery including an original procedure called the PRIB Bunion  procedure.  He is board certified by the ABFAS and has lectured to foot surgeons in the USA and abroad.  He has practiced in his hometown of Whiteville, NC. for 21 years.  website: http://peacockfootclinic.com