This has been an electrifying year for the AAFAS. The efforts of Dr. Don Peacock, Carmen Naranjo, DP, and Joan Lozano, DP, of Spain engendered two publications in PM Magazine. Additionally, lively discussions of MIS foot surgery transpired in PM News between its loyal readers and our members. PM News boasts over 15,000 members and we salute its captain, Dr. Barry Block in his willingness to have our voice heard. In the aftermath, we have seen a striking increase in new membership. with palpable excitement and camaraderie at our meetings.

Dr. Peacock had the pleasure of lecturing on MIS surgical techniques at the 2013 annual Winter Scientific Seminar in North Carolina and at the 2013 Temple alumni seminar in Philadelphia. Dr. Sheldon Nadal, Dr. Don Peacock , Dr. Mariano de Prado along with Dr. Michael Graham lectured on MIS surgery and the use of fluoroscopy in Rome, Italy at the World Podiatry Congress FIP meeting. We hope to work closely with Dr. Robert Chelin for the next FIP meeting in Canada. He was instrumental in giving us the opportunity to present MIS on the world stage and we send a nod of gratitude to him.

Our last two meetings in New Orleans were sensational. The June lecturers received some of the highest ratings ever achieved.. Dr. Stephen Isham and Dr. Borys Markewych did a brilliant job with the lectures and cadaver surgery lab. I want to thank Dr. Victor Horsley, Dr. Burton Katzen, Dr. Jeff Adler, Dr. Michael Fanous, Dr. Neal Vichinsky and Mrs. Harriet Waloff for helping obtain vendors and coordinating the next meeting Jan 9-11 2014, in New Orleans. As an added bonus, these doctors are also virtuoso minimally invasive foot surgeons and willing teachers. The upcoming meeting features special events, procedures, and practice management tips that will make it one of our best AAFAS conventions ever.

I would like to congratulate Dr. Neil Levin who is one of our newest members for the outstanding MIS corrections he is achieving. We featured one of his cases in our newsletter. You are doing excellent work, Neil.

Bret Ribotsky, DPM invited us to discuss MIS on his Meet The Masters series. Dr. Sheldon Nadal, Dr. Michael Fanous and Dr. Don Peacock were assigned the duty of participating in this event and respectively represented the Academy with glowing reviews

Harriet reports that we are receiving an increase in patient inquiries and she continues to refer patients to our members in the designated areas. I would like to thank our dedicated members for their loyalty and for supporting our new members. Our colleagues are opening up their offices and dedicating countless hours of help, furnishing our new members with valuable "lend a hand" advice.

I wish everyone happy holidays and I look forward to seeing you in New Orleans this January. We have an exceptional agenda. We want to open your eyes to the advantages of utilizing minimally invasive surgery in your practice. You will find it very rewarding. Imagine treating deformities with less invasive techniques and providing less trauma to your patients. This work is very artistic and extremely effective in the hands of those who have been instructed to use it. We are aiming high. Our dreams are big. Come and join us in the lovely city of New Orleans. We will let you in on an evocative secret.

Ed Cohen, President

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