MIS Foot Surgery and Treatment of Diabetic Ulcers

Minimally invasive foot surgery lends itself well to the treatment of diabetic ulcers and of infected bone tissue. MIS techniques allow for osteotomies away from infected bone  and can be combined with tendon re-balancing to achieve stellar results in eliminating diabetic foot ulcers.

The Academy will have Dr. Monroe LaBorde MD, teaching techniques of tendon re-balancing  that reduce pressure areas in the foot allowing ulcers to heal. These methods have proven effective as outlined in multiple published research articles.

For those attending the Academy seminar this June 2016, they can expect to be exposed to both lectures and hands-on cadaver teaching allowing for implementation of these techniques  into their practice.

Here is a case where the author used both tendon re-balancing techniques learned from Dr LaBorde with the use of minimally invasive surgery to reduce a bony prominence in a Charcot patient. This intervention allowed for complete resolve of the chronic ulcer.

The patient underwent gastrocnemius recession and MIS debridement of Charcot exostosis by minimally invasive surgical techniques. 

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