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Our Mission

Our Mission is that of an educational organization for providing continuing medical education courses to the global network of members and non-members, including members of the medical community and the general public which improves the quality of life for patients with foot and ankle disorders through innovative education, research, and service including techniques in minimally invasive ambulatory foot and ankle surgical procedures. The expected result of the overall program is to promote ethical high quality treatment of patients by a group of morally motivated professionals. These courses will be presented by various educational methods including lectures, panel discussion, discussion groups, question-answer periods, laboratory participation, case review and presentation, demonstrations, audiovisual materials, and other method.


  • Office Accreditation of Surgical Facility.
  • Members gain extensive training at the national scientific seminar, “The Annual” not to mention a host of regional sessions called a Day of Sharing.
  • Members can earn CME credits, plus tips on practice development, patient and public relations.
  • Members enjoy the Member Fax, full of general scientific information valuable to everyone in the field of foot and ankle surgery.
  • Members sponsor important research studies into various elements of Minimal Invasive Surgery.
  • Members enjoy the benefits of patient referral through our web site, writing in to our national office with their geographical locations.
  • Members gain the hands-on-help and support of the Professional Standards and Peer Review Committee when, or if, the need arises.
  • Members have reduced rates for experts and legal advice on malpractice cases.
  • Members also have the opportunity to learn through Medical School/AAFAS Cadaver Surgical Seminars that give you hands-on experience from the experts.
  • Members may purchase specialty brochures, pamphlets and other materials for patients designed by the AAFAS.
  • Members are surgeons, always willing to help one another in time of need.
  • National and international patient referral list.

We’re at the Forefront

The Academy of Ambulatory Foot & Ankle Surgery is at the forefront of surgery today. It is a leader in our specialty.

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