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Doctors testimonial on using MIS procedures


Dr. James Kent, DPM, MS

      I have been seeing patients for the last ten years in academic, hospital, and clinic settings. It is clear that medicine has changed dramatically in the last five years. Patients are much more educated on surgical procedures with the internet and YouTube. Patients are also paying higher prices for medical care and searching for better alternatives than expensive hospital based surgery. I recently had a patient drive from a small town south of San Antonio all the way to Tyler to have Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) performed. The patient said the hospital wanted over $20,000 for the procedure. We charged him a cash price of $800. The procedure went very well and the patient could not be happier. Price and quality do not always go together. Many times quality decreases with increased price. Patients love the fact that they walk in and out of the procedure room without the stress of being put under anesthesia. I believe MIS is much better quality, safer, easier, and less expensive on my patients! As physicians we need to think about what is best for the patient and the economic healthcare of our country. AAFAS is a leader in value based healthcare.

Dr. James Kent, DPM, MS

East Texas Foot and Ankle Centers, PA

Tyler Texas