Call out to foot surgeons in the trenches

MIS techniques are progressing rapidly worldwide. Currently, there are physicians tackling hard to solve foot issues utilizing percutaneous surgical correction. This includes high risk Charcot foot deformities. MIS trained physicians throughout the world are helping patients to recover from potentially devastating outcomes of neurologically induced foot deformities.

In recent months the author has  begun to employee percutaneous techniques to solve issues in patients that have only heard the option of amputation for their problem.   These patients can loose hope of keeping their extremities. Percutaneous techniques lend themselves well to these patients. Currently, the author is using MIS techniques learned from the Academy and combining tendon re-balancing procedures to achieve very effective outcomes. As you are aware traditional techniques to solve these issues are highly effective and require extensive time in the OR. Percutaneous techniques cut this valuable time in half or more. This fact alone should be of interest to those of you in the trenches.

In the coming months the author is planning more advanced percutaneous procedures involving mid foot and rearfoot osteotomies combined with percutaneous external frame applications. It is hoped that we can expand our horizon in the Academy to include training which will allow foot surgeons to incorporate percutaneous techniques in limb salvage endeavors.  The author plans to share these cases in the June 2016 cadaver seminar. 

On behalf of the Academy we want to invite limb salvage physicians to our seminars in the attitude that you can learn from us so that we can learn from you.  There is an increasing number of patients that desperately need our cooperation.  Combining our knowledge will save limbs and therefore save lives. We have an incredible calling.

Don Peacock DPM ACFAS, AAFAS (professor AAFAS)

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