What is MIS foot and ankle surgery

How Does MIS foot and anklesurgery differ from traditional  Surgery?
Many traditional surgical procedures  require large incisions, and aggressive maneuvers to correct foot and ankle pathology.    A major factor in recovery time and discomfort is the amount of soft  tissue that is disrupted in traditional surgery.  MIS surgery uses a small incision with specially designed instruments  that allow for less soft tissue injury.  This allows for reduced trauma in correcting patholgy.

Is MIS Really An Effective Technique?  
MIS  foot surgery is a developed art with more than 2,000 physicians and surgeons worldwide specializing in these techniques originally develped by North American Academy members.

The triangular Academy seal depicts its dedication to ambulation, rehabilitation, and education.

Ambulation - The patient who can walk into the surgeon's office or OR suite can walk out.

Rehabilitation - Restoring the patient to good foot health without loss of productivity at the lowest possible cost.

Education - Continued research into techniques and instruments for minimal incision surgery


It is now over forty years since the original American pioneers began the development of this art.   Through the years, other interested physicians and surgeons made worthwhile contributions until we have reached today's state of the art. Cost effective, minimal invasive foot surgery is a reality.

Your Future Health
We hope this approach makes sense to you and we can start working together to correct your problems. Thank you for the time you've spent learning about us. For more information and a member doctor in your area contact the international office at 1-800-433-4892