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"X-tra" Intensive One-Day Cadaver Course

Due to the overwhelming response from our February seminar, we are announcing an "x-tra" intensive one-day cadaver course at L.S.U. Medical School prior to our regularly scheduled 3-day seminar also to be held in New Orleans October 3-5 2019.

The course will be limited to 35 surgeons and will consist of intense personal hands-on training in all aspects of minimally invasive forefoot and rearfoot surgery.

DATE: Saturday, July, 27th at L.S.U. Medical School

Cost: $1,250.00

Instructors will include some of the best and most experienced MIS academy surgeons providing an intense personal instructional experience. The seminar will also advance all participants toward board certification in minimally invasive surgery from The Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry.


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