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The Academy of Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery has been in existence for more than 25 years. Some of the advantages to membership are:

  • Reduced tuition fees at our bi-annual meetings
  • Reduced group insurance rates
  • Listing on our web site
  • Subscription to our MemberFax newsletters
  • Peer review committee availability
  • Mentoring program
  • "Ask The Doc" Newsletter exclusively for AAFAS members

It is quite simple to become a member of the AAFAS. This can now be easily done on-line. The first step is deciding for which membership status you wish to apply. Potential members must hold one or more of the following degrees: D.P.M.(or similar), M.D., D.O. Doctors who practice outside of the continental United States are eligible for International membership. Junior or senior podiatry/medical students, preceptors, residents and those on fellowships are eligible to apply for Graduate membership. Doctors who practice in the United States should apply for Associate membership. Associate members then have up to two (2) years to submit eight (8) cases of ambulatory, outpatient foot surgery to the membership committee to become Fellow members of the Academy. Fellow members may then use the designation F.A.A.F.A.S. after their name and degree (i.e. John Doe, D.P.M., F.A.A.F.A.S.) as long as they pay their dues on a timely basis and otherwise remain members in good standing of the A.A.F.A.S. as per the constitution and bylaws. Life membership status is also available to those doctors who were A.A.F.A.S. Fellow members and are now completely retired from the practice of medicine and surgery. Please contact our national office at 1-800-433-4892 with any further questions. Good Luck!

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