Ambulatory Surgery

How Does MIS Differ From Traditional Surgery?
A major factor in recovery time and discomfort is the amount of tissue that has been involved by the incision and the risk of surgery is multiplied by general anesthesia.

MIS foot surgery, in most instances, is performed in an office or an outpatient surgical center under local anesthesia. The patient generally can walk out of the procedure room. The condition has been corrected, the patient remains ambulatory and discomfort and prolonged disability have been avoided.

Is MIS foot surgery Really An Effective Technique?
Today, MIS foot surgery is a developed art. Over 2,000 physicians and surgeons worldwide are performing these techniques and the research indicates MIS techniques can achieve similar results to traditional surgery with less recovery time.

The triangular Academy seal depicts its dedication to ambulation, rehabilitation, and education.

Ambulation - The patient who can walk into the Or or office surgical suite can walk out.

Rehabilitation - Restoring the patient to good foot health without loss of productivity at the lowest possible cost.

Education - Continued research into techniques and instruments for minimal incision surgery

It is now over forty years since the original American pioneer Podiatrist began the development of this art. Through the years, other interested physicians and surgeons made worthwhile contributions until we have reached today's state of the art methods. Cost effective, minimal invasive foot surgery is a reality.

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