Academy of Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery 40th Anniversary Scientific Meeting at LSU

On June 11 to 13, the Academy of Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery held its 40th-anniversary international scientific meeting on minimally invasive foot surgery at the Louisiana State University Medical School in New Orleans.  More than 60 podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons, from North America, Latin America and Europe attended.  The course included a cadaver lab and informative lectures on minimally invasive surgery techniques of the forefoot, rearfoot and ankle.  In addition, the Academy honored Al Brown, DPM, one of the founders of the AAFAS.

Some of the lectures and lecturers that  attendees were treated to included:

  • "Transitioning From Traditional Surgery to MIS Foot Surgery" and "Treating Lesser Metatarsalgia with Minimally Invasive Surgery" by Don Peacock, DPM
  • "Minimally Invasive Hammertoe Surgery Procedures" and "Minimally Invasive First Metatarsal Base Wedge Osteotomy for the Treatment of Severe Hallux Valgus Deformities" by Carmen Naranjo Ruiz from Spain
  • "Fox Arthrodesis for Hammertoe Correction" and "Minimally Invasive Forefoot Reconstruction Surgery" by Jeffrey Adler, DPM
  • "Minimally Invasive Hind Foot Stabilization" and "Peripheral Neuropathy" by Michael Graham, DPM
  • "Incorporating Biomechanics Principles into Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery" by Dennis Shavelson, DPM
  • "Soft Tissue Procedures for Foot Pain, Wounds and Deformities by James Laborde, MD
  • "Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery Around the World" and "Treatment of Complications in Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Foot and Ankle" by Fernando Sancho Barroso, MD of Mexico City
  • "Miniamlly Invasive Surgical Treatment of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome " and "The Reverdin-Isham Minimally Invasive Bunionectomy Procedure" by Steven Isham, DPM, MD
  • "Use of Stem Cells in First Metatarsal Phalangeal Joint Surgery" by Darlene Kulhan, DPM and Jeffrey Adler, DPM
  • "Hypocure Implant and Effects on the 1st Metarsal Phalangeal Joint" by Alex Tievsky, DPM and Michael Graham, DPM
  • "Minimally Invasive Surgical Correction for Hallux Varus" and "The Wilson Bunionectomy Procedure " by Sheldon Nadal, DPM
  • "Minimally Invasive Osteotomy with Cheilectomy for the Treatment of Arthritic 1st Metatarsal Phalangeal Joints" by Victor Horsley, DPM
  • An external bandaging and splinting workshop was put on by Dr. Jeffrey Adler and Dr. Borys Markewych and a biomechanics workshop was presented by Dennis Shavelson, DPM

The next minimally invasive surgical seminar will be presented by the Academy of Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery along with the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Alumni Association on Saturday September 19 and Sunday September 20 at the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, 148 North 8th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107.  For more information, please contact Denise Krenski (215-625-5249) or Joe Leso (215-625-5410).

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