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The updated version of The Academy of Ambulatory Foot & Ankle Surgery Standard of Care Manual, which is registered in Washington, D.C., is available for purchase from the home office. The cost is $10.00 plus shipping charges. This price include the printed and CD-Rom version of this manual. This is a must for every office to help with all aspect of legal issues including documentation. Call Harriet at the main office for your updated copy of the Standard of Care.

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An intensive one day "Hands-On" cadaver minimal invasive surgical instruction.

The course is open to the first 40 Orthopedist or Podiatrist that registers.

October 25, 2014

2333 North Harlem Ave

Chicago, IL 60707

Call for reservations and hotel accommodations  800-433-4892


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For doctor referrals,

please call the National Office.


MIS Cadaver October Registration Form